Nov 3, 2021

handbook of identity theory: Teori Identitas

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handbook of identity theory: Teori Identitas

handbook of identity theory, teori identitas dan hasil penelitiannya

Chapters started coming in by the early fall of 2008, and we knew we had our work cut out for us. For each chapter, one of us was designated as the editor, and another of us acted as a reviewer. The “editor” was responsible for securing one or more outside reviewers for the chapter, such that each chapter would be reviewed by at least two people.

In some cases, these reviewers were authors of other chapters. One of our goals was to integrate and build bridges among these various perspectives, so having contributors review each other’s chapters seemed like a logical way to facilitate this. In other cases, people who were outside the book – many of whom we did not know personally, and from many different academic disciplines – contributed their time and expertise to improve the chapters.

We thank and appreciate every one of them for the time and expertise that they contributed to the book.

One of Dick’s original objectives for the book, and one that we emphasized strongly, was the need to facilitate integration among the various perspectives on identity. As we discuss in much more detail in the introductory chapter, many of the subfields of identity operate almost in isolation, such that often they are hardly aware of one another’s existence.

One of the purposes of this “grand book,” then, was to build bridges among areas of the Identity Studies literature that otherwise would have remained separate and unconnected. In our in-text comments on each of the chapters, Koen, Viv, and I suggested key places where other chapters – especially chapters from alternative schools of thought – could be cross-referenced.

Chapter authors were generally grateful for these suggestions, and many of them asked us to send them copies of the chapters we were asking them to cross-reference. Even within the writing and editing process, our goal to facilitate integration within the identity literature was beginning to be accomplished.

Our deadline to submit the book to Springer was the end of August 2010. Koen, Viv, and I continued reviewing and re-reviewing chapters until the very end of that month. The last chapter was accepted on the morning of August 31st, and we submitted the completed manuscript to Springer at 11:54 pm US Eastern time that night – exactly 6 min before the deadline. Dick Dunham’s dream had become a reality. The “grand book” on identity had been finished.

I have many people to thank for helping to make this book a reality. I am extremely grateful to Koen and Viv for co-editing this book with me and for believing in the promise of facilitating integration among the many sub- fields of identity. Judy was prophetic when she advised me that I could never have done this alone. Even with three of us working together, it took a huge amount of work to bring this project to completion. I could not have asked

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for two more dedicated, enthusiastic, hardworking, and absolutely brilliant co-editors. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart.

Koen, Viv, and I also owe Judy a huge debt of gratitude. She gave the original go-ahead for the handbook, and she supported us every step of the way. She was there to answer all of our questions and to reassure us when we needed it. We are very grateful.

The three of us also wish to acknowledge Garth Haller at Springer for guiding the book through the copy-editing, typesetting, proof correction, and publishing process. We thank him for all his help.

Most of all, I want to thank Dick Dunham for discovering me as a 19- year-old college student, for pushing me until I finally started to realize my potential, and for teaching me so much about the world (both academically and in general). It is an honor and a pleasure to have stewarded his dream to reality, and I am humbled that I was the one that he trusted enough to leave it with.

Miami, Florida, USA Seth J. Schwartz September 2, 2010

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