Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros

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Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros

Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros - It’s just these sorts of strategies and scripts you’ll find in 1,200 Great Sales Tips for Real Estate Pros.

Learning every day energizes you and gives you a highly competitive edge

Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros : 6 Ways to Build Trust

Once you lose someone’s trust, it’s almost impossible to regain it. Here are six tips on how to get started down the right path.

  1. Be trustworthy. When you give your word, keep it. If you can’t deliver on a promise, acknowledge it as soon as possi- ble and develop a secondary plan.
  2. Tell the truth. Once you’ve been caught in a lie, you’ve lost your credibility. If there’s something you can’t say, say so and tell the other person why.
  3. Be honest with yourself, first. If something troubles you, it’s likely to trouble others as well.
  4. Think twice. Before you say or do something, ask yourself how it would look to an outside observer.
  5. Don’tbeahypocrite.There’snofasterwaytolosesomeone’s trust than if your actions contradict your words.
  6. Dogoodthingsearlyandoften.Ifyoumakeahabitofreward- ing and praising people, they’re less likely to question your motivation.

Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros: 30 Steps to Making the Sale

Great Sales Tips for Real estate pros -  There’s nothing more satisfying to you and your clients than a job well done. Use or adapt this checklist for all your listings.

  1. Have your client sign an exclusive right of sale listing agreement that cites the address of the property and sets the price, commission, length of the listing, and your re- spective obligations to one another.
  2. Lay the groundwork for a happy partnership. Walk through the house with the sellers. Discuss and give exam- ples of recently sold comps. Decide what improvements are needed before you show the listing. Learn the sellers’ timetable to move. Ask if there are days or times when the house can’t be shown. Recommend that the sellers write down concerns and set a weekly time to talk by phone. Agree on a preferred method of regular contact—by phone or e-mail.
  3. Developamarketingplanthatcoverswhenadswillrunin newspapers and on the Internet and the frequency of bro- ker and public open houses and special promotions.
  4. Send the sellers a package within a few hours of their sign- ing the listing. It should cover your marketing plan and

specify important documents that they’ll need to provide, including a prior title insurance policy, up-to-date survey, invoices of improvements made to the house, the deed to the house, and a recent termite inspection, if applicable.

  1. Arrange for photographs of the exterior and interior for a brochure, ads, and virtual tour.
  2. Enter the listing in the MLS.
  3. Send notification of the listing to top performing salespeo- ple in your market whom you know have buyers in the market.
  4. Check with your sellers to ensure they’ve completed nec- essary improvements previously agreed upon.
  5. Focus on the exterior. Place a sign in the yard if the com- munity or condo association permits it. Hang a lockbox if the sellers agree.
  6. Arrange the first broker open house. Mail postcards, make calls to other offices, and order the food and beverages. Be sure the house is clean and staged correctly.
  7. Ask open house attendees for feedback, and relay their comments to your clients. Have sellers make necessary changes. For instance, if people complained the house was dark, suggest adding lights.
  8. Arrange an open house for prospective buyers. Place ads, put a sign in the yard, and check with the owner that the house is clean and staged properly.
  9. Get feedback from attendees. Relay it to clients. Make nec- essary changes.
  10. If necessary, set a schedule for additional open houses.
  11. Reportnewfeedbackweekly.Ifinterestisminimal,discuss a new plan or price.

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